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Rei's Minimap Waypoints

spamquack's Photo spamquack 08 Jun 2013

is there any way to enable waypoints on a server for people that are not OP'd or is it only allowed for those people?


Iamtk421's Photo Iamtk421 09 Jun 2013

I was under the impression that no OP's were able to create way-points just fine, and they're stored on the clients machines. They probably can't teleport to them though as that would require OP permissions.


ZL123's Photo ZL123 10 Jun 2013

I can make waypoints that work between sessions on my LAN world. My friends can as well but those are only available for the session, and when Minecraft's closed they don't save.

Iamtk421's Photo Iamtk421 10 Jun 2013

Is this with Rei's minimap or voxelmap?

Voxelmap saves the waypoints in a file named by the server ip (which doesn't change for a lan game) and the port (which changes every time you open a lan game)

You can copy or rename the file to the new name, then restart your minecraft client and it will load the waypoints for the lan game.


Otherwise, run a dedicated server separately so it always uses the same port.


ZL123's Photo ZL123 11 Jun 2013

Oh yeah, soz, it's voxel. :P


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