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Code Chicken Core Crashing FTB


MrMiner104's Photo MrMiner104 18 Apr 2013

what happen everytime i load up a modpack and load world or join server its crashing and error is code chicken core

any ideas ?

digitallyApocalyptic's Photo digitallyApocalyptic 18 Apr 2013

1. Please refrain from double-posting (i.e. having your posts twice in a row on a thread.) You can use the Edit button to add information to previous posts.

2. Please post a full crash report. Without it, we can't help you. Without it, my best suggestions and other people's are limited to things such as:


Update/reinstall Java

Update/reinstall modpack

Make sure that you don't have any mods in your mods folder that don't come with the modpack by default

If you have OptiFine installed, make sure it is in the JarMods folder (instMods by name, JarMods when editing modpack via launcher GUI)


If and when you do post a crash report, place it inside spoiler tags, please. You can do so by placing [spoiler] before the report and [/spoiler ] (without the space between spoiler and the right bracket) after it, which will prevent it from taking up too much space unnecessarily.


You can find crash reports in [FEED THE BEAST INSTALL DIRECTORY HERE]/[MODPACK NAME HERE]/minecraft/crash-reports.