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Power converters

webkilla's Photo webkilla 14 Feb 2014

Just curious:


Since PowerCrystals hasn't updated the Power Converter mod to 1.6, do any of you know of any alternative ways to convert the different energy types into.... the different energy types?


Like, I find it quite lovely with the new leadstone and whatnot energy cells to store a lot of RF easily and early in the game - but I can't find a way to convert that into IC2 energy, say for charging my modular power suit


Do any of you have any suggestions?


timrem's Photo timrem 15 Feb 2014

The RF to EU conversion I use is actually by way of Modular Powersuits:

  1. Charge a powersuit item in Thermal Expansion's Energetic Infuser.
  2. Discharge the item into an MFSU.

I've automated this with some itemducts and tesseracts (I can go into more detail if you want, but it's pretty straightforward).


RF -> MJ is done automatically by just hooking up an energy conduit.

MJ -> RF can be done using Energy Transfer Nodes, I believe.


You might be able to convert EU to RF by way of MFFS, but I think there's inherent loss with this method.


Hope this helps.


dgelessus's Photo dgelessus 15 Feb 2014

Tech World 2 has Power Converters included from someone... not sure if it was the one by powercrystals. Works exactly the same though, and you should be able to copy the mod over to whatever pack you're using.

webkilla's Photo webkilla 15 Feb 2014

I tested the transfer node thing in creative - that should work! thanks!


...now I can just set up an array of electric engines fed by IC2 power to help juice up my RF stores.


And that energizer thing - thanks on that too :)


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